Life downunder

That time when I was a Cowboy in Australia

ell, I have to admit that the title might be slightly misleading. My boyfriend was the cowboy, I was the station cook and this is the story of our jobs in a cattle station in Australia. It was the boiling July of 2013 and we were in rural...

Setting paddocks on fire. My farming nightmare in Australia

This article was written in 2013 about my farm work experience in Australia. I was working in Bedford Harbour Station in Western Australia.  14,000 Acres – The extent of the wheat and canola farm we work in (the property stretches for 20km and is 10km wide) 5km – The...

Getting a (decent) vehicle in Australia

his step of course depends on the type of experience you want to get. My personal suggestion is to get a car or -even better- a van as soon as you can if you’re planning to move around the country. Having your own vehicle will allow you to look for...

Top 3 tasks to complete as soon as you land in Australia

fter landing Downunder and having exchanged your warm clothes with shorts, singlet and flip flops (this may be optional: many Aussies go barefoot), you’ll better fix a few things on day one. Here are my tips for moving to Australia with no worries....

How to find a job or farm work in Australia

ow to find farm work in Australia? This is still the most asked question that I get even 4 years after I came back. The answer varies depending if you’re looking for a job in the city (say bartending or waitressing) or if you’re looking for...

Easiest VISA to move to Australia

Applying for a Working Holiday Visa The first thing before even try to move to Oz is to check if you meet the Visa requirements. In this post I will mostly refer to the Working Holiday Visa (aka 417). This Visa allows you to work and travel in Australia for one year...

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