Digital gipsy and pizza lover

I grew up in an pretty boring small town of Northern Italy, where my parents settled more than 30 years ago. In reaction to the provincial stillness, I grew up a restless adventurer. I started travelling around Europe at 17, when Ryanair and Easyjet introduced low cost air travel to the world.


10 homes in 8 years

After graduating in International Medias in Paris, I spent one year in Australia, enjoying vanlife and doing casual jobs. I then came back the long way around, spending three months roaming thorough South East Asia. But once back in Italy, I couldn’t really settle for good. I was alternating random jobs to long journeys: that year I travelled to India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. I’m now a freelance copywriter and a social media manager based in Milan, a city with which I entertain a love-hate relationship. I still travel as much, as often and as long as I can. Last year I’ve been hiking solo in Norway, road tripping with friends along Canada’s East Coast and surfing in the Philippines. My life goal is to be able to freelance from wherever in the world.
I firmly believe that the best has yet to come 🙂


A place for sharing

I started my first travelog during my Australian year. It was a messy Tumblr (back when Tumblr was cool) mostly addressed to friends and family. It was short lived but fun. Since I abandoned it in 2014, I kept cumulating travel experiences, notes and pictures, regretting not to have a proper place to share them. So here we are, three years and a carreer in web agencies later, I decided to re-launch it. It is less self-centred and more advice oriented, since it appears that there’s always people interested in how I moved and worked in Australia, what do I pack for a backpacking trip, what does it mean to travel solo as a young woman or how can I afford to travel so much.


How to survive in the jungle of digital communication

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