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Hi there, thank you for stopping by! I’m Sabrina, a twenty-something digital nomad from Italy. I spent the last ten years traveling the world as much as I could. I went to Uni in Paris, spent a year living dangerously in Australia and then enrolled in a long-distance relationship with Asia while being a freelance copywriter and a social media manager in Milan.


10 homes in 8 years

Junglexploring is where I share my travel guides and tips, my pictures and my stories. Apparently, there are always people interested in how I moved and worked in Australia, what do I pack for a backpacking tripwhat does it mean to travel solo as a young woman or how can I afford to travel so much. Junglexploring is a place to inspire people to explore more and to choose the adventurous path while travelling and in life in general. No matter if travelling with someone or solo.


A place for sharing

I believe that the world doesn’t have to be a scary place and that you shouldn’t let other people’s fears scary you.


How to survive in the jungle of digital communication

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